The gens Quinctia, sometimes written Quintia, was a patrician family at Rome. Throughout the history of the Republic, its members often held the highest offices of the state, and it produced some men of importance even during the imperial period. For the first forty years after the expulsion of the kings the Quinctii are not mentioned, and the first of the gens who obtained the consulship was Titus Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus in 471 B.C.; but from that year their name constantly appears in the Fasti. As with other patrician families, in later times there were also plebeian Quinctii. Some of these may have been the descendants of freedmen of the gens, or of patrician Quinctii who had voluntarily gone over to the plebs. There may also have been unrelated persons who happened to share the same nomen. It is related that it was the custom in the Quinctia gens for even the women not to wear any ornaments of gold.

Silver Denarius - Quinctia ( -126 )

Silver Denarius - Quinctia ( -112 )