About Us

This website was created and is filled every day by two lovers of Roman coins, Arnaud Tisin (owner of the Celtic website www.piece-gauloise.com) and Adrien Clémençon.

Since September 2009, Ancient Roman Coin is bringing you the largest and the most accurate database of Roman coins. You can very easily identify imperial roman coins by type of coin, emperor, metal... or identify republic roman coins by gens

About You

You can be part of this website... Feel free to send us your best pictures you might want to share with your copyright name and the RIC reference if possible.

If you have found a bug on a roman coin or something that annoys you with the website (missing functionality, wrong description...) please let us know. We appreciate every feedback so we can make things better in the next release.

Where to send: contact@ancient-roman-coin.com